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HaluHalo V2 - Dangkeebs

$23.50 USD - $72.75 USD
  • HaluHalo V2 - Dangkeebs
  • HaluHalo V2 - Dangkeebs
  • HaluHalo V2 - Dangkeebs

HaluHalo Switches combine our love for the Filipino dessert halo halo, and pastel tones. The switches feature a pastel purple housing, and pastel cyan stem. They will be a sweet addition to any set-up!

HaluHalo V2's have adopted the more popular 4-prong MX-style latch design to further simplify the modding process. You'll no longer need an extra Kailh-style opener!

5-pin KTT Rose mold V1 > 5 pin MX Style Housing in V2 mold
Top Housing: Polycarbonate
Bottom Housing: Nylon
Stem: POM
63.5g bottom-out force
4.0mm travel
5 Pin (PCB mount)
Unlubed from factory
In 3 different colors, will vary amount of each in packages and not always be even.
Manufactured by KTT exclusively for Dangkeebs
Bottle Option available with 90x and 110x Lubed please read carefully!!!

*Try our lube service to improve your typing experience.
-Krytox 105g0 coating on springs
-Krytox 205g0 applied to stem and housing
-Light factory lube is removed before application

UPDATE: As of 2023 we will no longer offer filming as there is no benefit and virtually impossible to close the switches. The tolerances for the switches are solid and have been improved upon with revision v2.