Black Lotus Linears By Durock

$39.20 USD - $89.25 USD
  • Black Lotus Linears  By Durock

Durock Black Lotus Switches are Durock's introduction of a new line of switches with entirely new molds for the top housing, bottom housing, and stem. These new molds help to severely reduce the stem wobble as well as incorporate a new function of having a removable light column.

Factory lubed (light oil)
Top Housing: PC & UPE blend
Bottom Housing: Nylon
Stem: BOM blend, long pole
Actuation distance: 2mm
Total Travel: 4mm
Actuation force: 55g
Bottom out force: 63.5g
5-pin PCB mount
Removable light diffuser
Thick leaf pins to reduce the chance of bending in hotswap sockets.

*Try our lube and film service to improve your typing experience.
-Krytox 105g0 coating on springs
-Krytox 205g0 applied to stem and housing
-Durock Switch Films 1.5mm Clear HTV/PC
-Factory lube is ultrasonic cleaned based on batch application!
(We usually clean all our factory lubed switches if necessary, however some batches may have virtually no factory oil on them and will not require cleaning before applying krytox)

Due to light diffuser and tight tolerances, they do not benefit with films! Be warned there is a cosmetic issue of the film sticking out at the bottom of the housing when filmed.

Get your switches lubed by someone with experience, we have lubed over thousands of switches before starting this store. Check our sound tests and works for more information!