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DK Creamery - Cookies n' Cream

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  • DK Creamery - Cookies n' Cream
  • DK Creamery - Cookies n' Cream

DK Creamery's Cookies n' Cream Switches were crafted with your satisfaction in mind. We used our industry experience to source only the best molds, and ingredients for this special treat. These switches feature new specialty molds, and a medium tactility round tactile bump which extends most of the keypress. Coupled with the classic blend of polycarbonate top housing, nylon bottom housing, and POM stem - these switches are sure to provide an extremely satisfying tactile event without being overwhelming.

Top Housing: Polycarbonate
Bottom Housing: Nylon
Stem: POM
Gold Plated Spring
4.0mm travel
63.5g Bottom-out
5 pin (PCB Mount)
Lightly pre-lubed from factory
Container for orders of 90 lubed and filmed, while supplies last!

*Try our lube and film service to improve your typing experience.
-Krytox 105g0 coating on springs
-Tribosys 3204 applied to stem and housing
-Durock Switch film
-Light factory lube is removed before application

Get your switches lubed by someone with experience, we have lubed over thousands of switches before starting this store. Check our sound tests and works for more information!