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Durock Sea Glass Linear Switches

$40.60 USD - $90.25 USD
  • Durock Sea Glass Linear Switches

Durock's new 2023 entry with a unique color combination.
These switches will come in 5 random colors and are not guaranteed to get exactly the same number for each color!

Sea Glass features:
Nylon and UPE Blend Housing
P3+ Stem utilizing latest Durock molds
Minimal Stem wobble with new high-precision molds
Switch Type: MX Mechanical Linear Switch
Top Housing: Polymer Nylon and UPE Blend (Translucent)
Stem: P3+ (long pole)
Spring: Gold Plated, Stainless Steel
Total travel: 3.8±0.2mm
Pre-travel: 2mm
Actuation force: 45g
Bottom Out force: 62g
Lighting: SMD, THT, Through Hole
Contacts: High-quality gold alloy
Durability: > 50 million actuation

Filming is not recommended for these switches due to light colum diffuser! If filmed there will be a small cosmetic issue of films slightly overhang in front.
*Try our lube and film service to improve your typing experience.
-Krytox 105g0 coating on springs
-Krytox 205g0 applied to stem and housing
-Durock Switch Films 1.5mm Clear HTV/PC
-Factory lube is ultrasonic cleaned based on batch application!
(We usually clean all our factory lubed switches if necessary, however some batches may have virtually no factory oil on them and will not require cleaning before applying krytox)

These will no longer be sold in filmed options as the film overhang is much greater in this switch due to the led diffuser mold. This is also a very tight switch and does not benefit from films.