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Shipping Process + Priority Queue

Operating Hours

M-F 9am-5pm

Order is placed

Once order is placed, you will recieve an email with a receipt of purchase. You will then recieve a shipping & tracking information in your email. The tracking label may not arrive immediately in your emails. The label will usually be generated and sent to your email when the order is ready to be shipped. When you are emailed your shipping label, this means the order will be shipped out over the next 24 hours! Please check your spam folder for Pirateship our shipping platform partner. Please also be careful when inputting email into our order system as typos can cause the notification to fail to send! If that occurs just email us or contact Roy via Discord with Name/Email and order item details to resend it. If you order over the weekend shipping info may not be generated till the next business day (M-F). 

Priority Queue

For those who are in a rush for their order we offer priority queue! This option will cost you a few extra bucks, but we will put you at the front of the line for the next job/order in queue. This will still be fulfilled through USPS First Class but will mean that your package will ship out faster than usual.

Your Package is on the way

Your package is in the process of being handed off to the USPS post offices. It is normal for the tracking to say "on the way to a facility" for a day. This may be due to us still putting the order together. This can also be due to USPS scans not updating in the system until a few hours later. It may have already been moving to the next facility and not updating until the next facility scan. However, rest assured the package is moving to you as soon as possible. If your package hasn't updated for a few days or there are issues please contact us via support form or email.


Orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible, rest assured we are doing our best to get your items to you.  Please keep in mind we may require more time during holidays due to increased traffic and shipping delays! We use USPS, and do not ship on weekends as they are closed so please do not panic if your package has not moved over the weekend.

For items such as lubed switches, we try to ship those as soon as possible, for estimated queue and shipping time visit our Discord "Service alerts" tab.
To maintain quality and consistency, switches are only lubed by a small select amount of staff. This may mean that lubed switches may sometimes take a few extra days during holidays/peak times. We understand no one likes to wait for their items and will constantly work to improve our turn-around and capacity. Polished actuation switches adds around 24 hours due to lengthy process!

Orders are fulfilled through USPS, we are not liable for any damages or loss of packages incured by shipper. We will do our best to ensure your package gets to you without issues. We will ensure sturdy packaging to reduce chances of package damages. 

Turnaround Times

Join our Discord to see the current estimated wait time for lubed switches!

For latest news on updates please join our server for service annoucements.
[Link] Discord Server