Operating Hours

M-F: 9am-5pm PST

Service Area: Ship to US Conus & Canda Only!

What happens when your order is placed?

(For turn-around times on lubed switches, please check our #service-alerts tab on Discord!)

Once an order is placed, you will receive an email with a receipt of purchase. This order goes into our queue, we finish orders as they are sequentially placed. Lubed switches and other modified accessories such as stabilizers are custom made to order! The shipping estimate at checkout is transit time and does not include the queue time required to finish the order. For small orders such as accessories or stock switches, it will be shipped usually within 2 business days. For orders with lubed switches, it will be placed into the queue which can be tracked on our Discord. The “service-alerts” tab will inform you about what order dates on lubed switches we are currently working on, for example: "Now fulfilling orders on June 1st".  All previous orders from that date are either shipped or awaiting assignment of a label by our shipping platform. You will then receive shipping & tracking information in your email when the order is departing. The label will be generated and sent to your email when the order is ready to be shipped. When you are emailed your shipping label, this means the order will be shipped out over the next 24 hours! Please check your spam folder for "Pirateship", our shipping platform partner if you do not see it in your inbox. Please also be careful when inputting email into our order system as typos can cause the notification to fail to send! If that occurs just email us or contact Roy via Discord with your Name/Email and order details to resend it. If you order over the weekend shipping info may not be generated till the next business day.



Orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible, rest assured we are doing our best to get your items to you.  Please keep in mind we may require more time during holidays due to increased traffic and shipping delays! We use USPS, and do not ship on weekends as they are closed so please do not panic if your package has not moved over the weekend.

For items such as lubed switches, we try to ship those as soon as possible, for estimated queue and shipping time visit our Discord "Service alerts" tab.
To maintain quality and consistency, switches are only lubed by a small select amount of staff. This may mean that lubed switches may sometimes take a few extra days during holidays/peak times. We understand no one likes to wait for their items and will constantly work to improve our turn-around and capacity. Polished actuation switches add around 24 hours due to the lengthy process!

Orders are fulfilled through USPS, we are not liable for any damages or loss of packages incurred by shippers. We will do our best to ensure your package gets to you without issues. We will ensure sturdy packaging to reduce chances of package damages


Priority Queue

For those who are in a rush for their order, we offer a priority queue! This option at checkout will cost you a few extra bucks, but we will put you at the front of the line for the next job/order in the queue. This will still be fulfilled through USPS First Class but your package will ship out faster than usual. Please keep in mind that the priority queue is faster but will vary still based on how many priority queue orders are ahead. We try our best to balance between regular orders and priority queue orders, but ensuring that priority queue is a day or two ahead of the queue time when it is busy.

"Your package is on the way"

Your package is in the process of being handed off to the USPS post offices. It is normal for the tracking to say "on the way to a facility" for a day. This may be due to us still putting the order together. This can also be due to USPS scans not updating in the system until a few hours later. It may have already been moving to the next facility and not updating until the next facility scan. However, rest assured the package is moving to you as soon as possible. If your package hasn't been updated for a few days or there are issues please contact us via support form or email.

Local Pickups

Due to complexity of orders and process layout we are unable to offer local drop off or picks of any kind.

Wrong orders

If you received any errors such as incorrect or missing items with your order. Please contact us via support email to [email protected] and we will do our best to make it right. 

Returns and refunds

We strive to ensure the best experience for our customers. As this is a small business, returns are not applicable unless due to defects or issues from the manufacturer [OEM IE Durock, Gateron, Cherry, Etc]. These issues are per case and only apply for significant issues that impede function or fall under insignificantly from described.

Further, certain characteristics of switches the end user finds undesirable such as, but not limited to; scratchiness, ping, or wobble are considered subjective and therefore not a valid reason for the switches to be deemed defective and subject to refund. It's possible for the metal contact pins on switches to get bent during shipping. This is inevitable and unavoidable. Bent Switch pins are not cause for refund or replacement as the pins can simply be bent back into place. Exceptions for return, refund, and cancellations will be subject to a percentage of restocking fee.  For custom items such as lubed switches and services these are non-refundable unless due to store side errors! 

Package liabilities

Once packages are shipped, we are not responsible for losses incurred by the shipping company such as our preferred shipper USPS. Majority of our packages charge $4.25 shipping which is offered as a major loss on our end (service and boxes costs), this purchase is fulfilled with USPS First Class. First Class does not include insurance, further details of package protection and characteristics can be found on USPS' website. We ask that you monitor your package and ensure you enter proper delivery details. For any losses or package issues, please contact the shipping company before us. If package is lost there is nothing else we are able to do other than offer to help provide a discount to help you get your items. If there are special needs for shipping such as need for insurance coverage, signature requirement, or other services; please contact us VIA email before placing an order so we can make package service arrangements.

Reasonable Research Policy

As this is a hobby involving custom builds and creating your own unique keyboard, you are expected to make reasonable amounts of research into your own needs when purchasing. We are not responsible for compatibility issues and fitment issues of our products with yours, these capabilities can easily be checked with various sources such as R/Mechanicalkeyboards and various other community forums. Our products are transparent and will provide as much details from the manufacturer as possible. For further help, we suggest joining our community Discord too for research advice and assistane.

We are also not responsible for "sound profile" dissatisfaction, please review "sound tests" for your own keyboard plate, board, and various switches before purchasing. There are many variables that determine sound profile in a build besides switches!

You are responsible for reading about what will fit in your board such as layout and pins. There are boards that will only accept 3 pin switches or only accept outem switches due to socket type. There are also optical boards which we do not cater do, we are marked as mechanical switches, please check compability before buying.
You are also responsible for checking if certain brands of stabilizers or other items can be used in this board or vice versa.

Our products are made to order and custom jobs. These do not qualify for returns in most cases, especially negligence of few minutes of research. 

Turnaround Times

Join our Discord to see the current estimated wait time for lubed switches!
For turn-turn around times please check our #service-alerts tab on Discord

For latest news on updates please join our server for service announcements.
For turn-turn around times please check our #service-alerts tab on Discord
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