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Cherry Mx Blacks Ultraglides 5-Pin (70/90 Switches)

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Cherry Mx Blacks Ultraglides 5-Pin (70/90 Switches)

Avaliable in packs 70 and 90 switches.

[We are aware picture shows 3 Pin stock, our new stock is 5-Pin!]
Cherry Ultraglides = Cherry Hyperglides with 320,000 Machine Actuation Polishing!

Cherry MX Ultraglide features the standard and well known class of Cherry MX Blacks, but smoother than before. Utilizing the latest tooling, these linear switches are smooth and will provide the iconic Cherry MX Black sound signature. The new tooling features tighter tolerances, increased smoothness and doubles the number of actuation to 100 million.

Product Features:
Cherry Black Hyperglide
Travel: 4.0mm
Actuation: 60g
Plate Mount

Krytox 205g0 on Stem + Bottom housing
Krytox 105 on Springs
Durock Switch Film
320,00K Machine Actuation Polish (400,000k, 50k after lube)

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