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[Service] Switch Lube+Film Service

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[Service] Switch Lube+Film Service

Want something lubed and filmed, that we don't have? Send us your personal switches for us to lube and film for you.

How this works!
1.Contact me Via contact info below and arrange an order. Once I review your request and approve it, we can proceed.
2.Arrange shipping items to me. Address will be provided for you to ship to upon agreement of details.
3.Place an order here with amount of switches you are sending.
4.Order is fulfilled and shipped back to you.

Important notes
1.You can ship items from your favorite vendors directly to us!
2.Please ship package with the same name as one placed on order!

[Options for lube and films (we will provide)]
Krytox 205g0 or Trybosys 3204 for switch
Krytox 105 or Krytox 105&Syncolon mix 70/30 for springs
Spring swaps are free (must provide springs)
Durock HTV/PC films

[Stabilizer Tuning]
Holee-Bandaid modding
Dielectric grease on wire
Krytox205g0 for contact points

Turnaround times: Average 1-4 business days after receival of item
All orders are only lubed by Roychan629 to maintain consistency and quality of orders.

[Please contact for approval of order before purchasing]