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Gateron Ink Blacks V2 (70/90/110 switches)

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Gateron Ink Blacks V2 (70/90/110 switches)

Avaliable in packs 70 and 90 switches.
*Switch Break-in Service (Add-on) at 50k actuations is recommended!

Gateron Ink Black V2
Actuation: 60g
Bottom: 70g
Travel: 4.0mm

*Try our lube and film service to improve your typing experience.
-Krytox 105g0 coating on springs
-Krytox 205g0 applied to stem and housing
-Durock Switch Films 1.5mm Clear HTV/PC

Get your switches lubed by someone with experience, we have lubed over thousands of switches before starting this store. Check our sound tests and works for more information!