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[Add-On] Switch Break-in Actuation

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[Add-On] Switch Break-in Actuation

Can be purchased with Lubed or Lubed & Filmed Switches, and lube service!
This little machine will actuate the switches repeatedly. The repeated actuation of a switch will cause the small imperfections that cause scratchiness to be worn away. This process accelerates the break-in period so you don't have to yourself . Majority of switches today have +50 million actuations, adding 100,000 or300,000 actuations would not affect the lifespan in any meaningful way.

[Important Notices]
One purchase is good for up to 110 switches, if you order 2 sets of switches, add this service 2 times or specify which set you would like us to polish. We make no guarantee that actuations will make switches 100% smooth. No matter how many actuations, some types or batch of switches will still have some scratch due to the molds, manufacturing quality, and build materials.

[Actuation Recommendation]
-50,000 Actuations - Slight scratch (Gateron Milky Switches)

-150,000 Actuations - Tight Tolerances (Lavenders, Cobalts, and L2-7s)

-300,000 Actuations - Strong Scratch (Cherry MX Black batches, NK Creams)