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[Add-On] Switch Break-in Actuation

$4.75 USD - $15.99 USD
  • [Add-On] Switch Break-in Actuation
  • [Add-On] Switch Break-in Actuation

Can be purchased with Lubed or Lubed & Filmed Switches, and lube service!
This little machine will actuate the switches repeatedly. The repeated actuation of a switch will cause the small imperfections that cause scratchiness to be worn away. This process accelerates the break-in period so you don't have to yourself . Majority of switches today have +50 million actuation lifespan, adding 100,000 or 300,000 actuations would not affect the lifespan in any meaningful way.

[Important Notices]
One purchase is good for up to 110 switches, if you order 2 sets of switches, add this service 2 times or specify which set you would like us to polish. We make no guarantee that actuations will make switches 100% smooth. No matter how many actuations, some types or batch of switches will still have some scratch due to the molds, manufacturing quality, and build materials.

[Actuation Recommendation]
On-Center/Standard option
-70,000 Actuations - Slight scratch (Gateron Milky Switches)

-170,000 Actuations - Tight Tolerances (Lavenders, Cobalts, and L2-7s)

-320,000 Actuations - Strong Scratch (Cherry MX Black batches, NK Creams)

[Off Center]
Ideal for switches with strong scratch and in budget for this service!
More effective for switches with stronger scratch, this process requires more time as our machine capacity is cut in half with the design.

-500,000 Actuations - Strong Scratch (Vintage Cherry MX Black batches, NK Creams)