Mil-Max Service

$26.00 USD - $30.00 USD
  • Mil-Max Service
  • Mil-Max Service
  • Mil-Max Service
  • Mil-Max Service

Want something Mil-Maxed but too lazy to do it yourself? Send it in and have it done for you!
These pictures are some of our works for clients!

Price includes return shipping and insurance.

Please read steps!
1.Contact us via Discord or Email and arrange details, include details such as what sockets, pcb, and layout. Share as much as you can about layout, a+ if you have a picture of layout, bottom row, caps lock, etc.
[ If you are not sending sockets, please let us know what sockets you'd like us to order wholesale and we will invoice you for the amount. (We are only able to snag sockets in sets of 50x pieces.)

2.Order get approved, pay invoice if sockets are needed! Submit your order, and reply with order number.

3.Shipping instructions are sent and you are all set. INCLUDE JST CONNECTER/DAUGHTER BOARD IF YOUR PCB HAS ONE. We are unable to test without it.

4.We test pcb on arrival to determine DOA, we are not responsible for Dead on Arrival cases as that may be manufacturing defect or shipping damage. If DOA we will return pcb to you.

5.Solder sockets, test pcb.

6.Shipped back to you, we will try our best to reinforce package to ensure it is not damaged on shipping trip. The prices below will include insurance for your pcbs, in the event of USPS trashing your package. We will file insurance and get your pcb value refunded to you as soon as USPS payout arrives.

Common issues/FAQ
1.We will not milmax board previously desoldered!
2.Please do your research on socket types you can fit in your build, some pcbs will have tigher tolerances. You might even use more foam than you think which can cause issues with sockets inhibiting keyboard flex.

Contact Info
Updated Discord tags : RoyChan629 | User ID 187352911301312512
Email via contact form.

Soldered with low melting point solder to ensure easy to desolder should you choose in the future.
Melting point 183°C (361°F).
We solder joints securely but will soldering sparingly to ensure easy removal in the future.