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Lubed/Stock Durock V2 Stabilizers Set Smoke Black

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Lubed/Stock Durock V2 Stabilizers Set Smoke Black

Durock V2 Stabilizers are PCB mount screw-in stabilizers that come with new molds that prevent the wire from popping out as easily. Featuring the Smokey Black colorway from Durock.

Durock V2 Stabilizer Features
Nylon PA plastic
-Wire retention mold
-Screw in mounting style
-Gold Plated steel screws with insulation washers included

Each set comes with
4x 2U
1x 6.25U
1x 7U wire
10x Screws
10x Washers

Add lube service
Krytox 205g0 on sliders
Dielectric grease on wire
Holee Bandaid mod, perfect for removing ticking and rattle. Please be careful during installation to avoid band aid slipping off stem.

Pick 7U or 6.25U install for the modded sets! Will come with extra wire, picking 6.25u will come with a pre modded 6.25u stab with the extra 7u wire.