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[Lubed/Stock] Durock V3 Plate Stabilizer TKL SET

$8.75 USD - $22.49 USD
  • [Lubed/Stock] Durock V3 Plate Stabilizer TKL SET

Durock Plate Mount Stabilizers utilizes Durock quality stabs in plate mount form
The new V3 molds feature a new improve stem housing which improves rattle greatly

Durock Stabilizer Features
Nylon PA plastic
-Wire retention mold
-FOR PLATE MOUNT ONLY! Please research your board mounting style before purchasing, we are not responsible for lack of research!

Each set comes with
4x 2U
1x 6.25U
1x 7U black wire
Will come with Black Wire instead of silver in factory picture!

Add lube service
Legs clipped and modded
Krytox 205g0 on sliders
Dielectric grease on wire
Holee Bandaid mod, perfect for removing ticking and rattle. Please be careful during installation to avoid band aid slipping off stem.

Pick 7U or 6.25U install for the modded sets! Will come with extra wire, picking 6.25u will come with a pre modded 6.25u stab with the extra 7u wire. Vice versa

Plate mount stabs are less popular in the community due to it being on lower quality keyboards. To further elaborate, plate mounting style is more prone to ticking and pinging such as from the plate. These stabs will usually remove these in many boards very well and improve sound in boards that can't fully get rid of ping at the worst. We make no guarantees that these will make those cheaper builds sound like those $800 builds online with screw in stabilizers instead.

As stated on our FAQ, you are responsible for checking compatibility and size needed to fit your keyboard. These are made to order and will not be accepting returns due to lack of a simple internet search.

Ships within 1-2 business days, only if ordered alone or with accessories.